Special sale on 6 + 7 November at the Ingo Maurer showroom
27.10.2020 |
We are pleased to invite you to our special sale - Special Sale - on Friday, 6 and Saturday, 7 November 2020 from 12 to 18 o'clock in our showroom. Selected exhibition products from the exhibition "Ingo Maurer intim. Design or what?" (Neue Sammlung / Pinakothek der Moderne, 15.11.2019 - 18.10.2020) and other 2nd choice products will be on sale on both days. Come and visit us!
After almost a year, the exhibition "Ingo Maurer intim. Design or what?" in the Neue Sammlung / Pinakothek der Moderne ended on 18 October 2020. Get your art and design object by Ingo Maurer from the Munich museum home now.
Exhibition: „Ingo Maurer intim. Design or what?“
08.10.2020 |
Die Neue Sammlung, Munich
Take the last chance: Until 18 October the Neue Sammlung at the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich is presenting the exhibition "Ingo Maurer intim. Design or what?". Visitors will gain a deep insight into the versatile and unique work with lamps, light and luminaires by Ingo Maurer and his team.
Orbittu - Plug & Light
27.05.2020 |
Orbittu is a wall or ceiling lamp whose base can rotate on its own axis thanks to the technology of Insta GmbH. The hemispherical housing with lateral light emission is reminiscent of a miniature observatory, to which a mirror, which can also be rotated, is attached via an asymmetrical mounting.
Orbittu was originally planned to be presented at the light&building in March 2020. More information about the system can be found at and under products/news on this page.