FLOWAIR Installation @BASE Milano
16.04.2024 |
Milan Design Week 2024
The final destination of Ingo Maurer's 'Travelling Flowair' was BASE Milano, a cultural centre in the middle of the Zona Tortona. Here we presented the complete installation with 16 objects, which were illuminated at night in the colours blue, red and white.
Due to strong gusts of wind, the installation had to be dismantled earlier than expected. You could say that 'wind' and 'air' were our themes for this year's Milan presence, from start to finish.
Travelling Flowair in Milan
15.04.2024 |
Miart: Milan Art Week 2024
Have you seen the 'Travelling Flowair' in Milan? During Milan Art Week, which this year took place a week before Milan Design Week, Ingo Maurer travelled through the city of Milan with three installation objects and created several pop-up installations in front of well-known and influential locations. You can see the results of the teaser campaign and how we ‘fuelled’ our followers for Milan Design Week 2024 on our Instagram channel @Ingo Maurer Official.
The guerrilla marketing campaign was intended as a teaser campaign and countdown to Milan Design Week 2024. The results of the social impressions are impressive; the hero part was definitely the reel with the 'Travelling Flowairs' in front of the Prada Fondazione, which already has 11,000 organic views and 80 comments to date.
Milan Design Week 2024
16.03.2024 |
Milan, 12. - 21. April 2024
Ingo Maurer presented the outdoor installation FLOWAIR in the courtyard of the BASE Milano cultural centre during Milan Design Week and Miart 2024. This year, the lighting design manufacturer's artists explore the themes of wind and movement, as well as inflated forms and the interaction between form, colour and light. At the BASE cultural centre, the FLOWAIR installation winds its way through the inner courtyard, the fire escape and the roof, offering a light and colour spectacle in the wind both day and night.
12-14 April | MiArt // 15-16 April | Open Press Day | 11:00-20:00 // 16-21 April | Milano Design Week.