Light Week Köln
13.11.2015 |
Design Post Köln
From 17 - 19 November, we will present our new wall lamp 18 x 18 at Design Post Cologne. From 17 to 19 November 2015, Design Post will be exclusively focusing on the topic of light. With three days featuring talks, special exhibitions and product presentations at Cologne's 'home of design', architects, planners and designers are invited to an exciting round-up on the latest trends in lighting and light design.
Please find all information, also for registration, at Entrance is free. Our new wall lamp 18 x 18 will be available from middle of December.
Dew Drops Floor
24.10.2015 |
Now available
Our unique floor lamp, equipped with the fascinating LED sheet is deliverable since October 23. A lot of high quality light for living rooms or work spaces. Transparent, light, flexible.
Over 700 LEDs are placed on a grid on each sheet. 23 W, 3000 K, 2600 lm, CRI 90. Version 1 comes with one LED sheet and a paper as diffusor, version 2 comes with two LED sheets. The sheets can be turned upwards or downwards. Separately dimmable on the sheet.
Mozzkito - special version
08.10.2015 |
A limited special edition of Mozzkito is now on display in our Munich showroom.
Ingo Maurer's design of 1996 turns a tea-strainer into a lampshade. In September 2015, he had 14 pieces of Mozzkito gold-plated (galvanic method). At present, the special edition is only available at our Munich showroom.