Orbittu - Plug & Light
27.05.2020 |
Orbittu is a wall or ceiling lamp whose base can rotate on its own axis thanks to the technology of Insta GmbH. The hemispherical housing with lateral light emission is reminiscent of a miniature observatory, to which a mirror, which can also be rotated, is attached via an asymmetrical mounting.
Orbittu was originally planned to be presented at the light&building in March 2020. More information about the system can be found at and under products/news on this page.
Showroom Munich
22.04.2020 |
From Monday, April 27, 2020 we are allowed to open the showroom again. New summer opening hours Wednesday and Thursday 13 to 17 hrs and by appointment. If you have any questions, please call us.
The refurbishment is not yet completed. Some areas are not accessible. Please keep your distance. At the moment, we accept only card payment. Goods that are not in stock in the showroom will be sent to your home!
Stay positive - Stay at Home
23.03.2020 |
Munich, March 23, 2020
Yes, we are at work and healthy! Not all of us can work from home. We try to avoid attendance as much as possible while keeping up our offers and services. Our production and shipping departments are working, respecting all safety guidelines. The best way to contact us at the moment is by e-mail. Mail to or even better, directly to your contact person at Ingo Maurer.
When accepting phone calls at +49-89-3816060, it may ring a little longer. Like you, we do our best to remain optimistic despite the situation. Please stay at home as much possible!