Ingo Maurer und Team 2016
The aluminium ring with integrated dimmable LEDs can be fixed as up- or downlight. Without tools, you can adjust the angle of the ring, the rod or even change the orientation of the LEDs. The rod in carbon fiber can be fixed vertically or at an angle of 15° in the base. There is no visual noise around the slender pointed rod, the cable is inside. Even so, the rod is extendable from 150 to 210 cm. Transformer with slide control. Dimmable. The ring with LEDs is only available in black.
Light source
LED, 2700 K, 1.940 lm, CRI >90, 23 W, EEC G (A-G). With built-in LEDs. The light source is not exchangeable by the user.
Technical data
For 100 - 240 volts, with continuously variable transformer-dimmer.
Height 150 to 210 cm
The ring with LEDs comes in black. The lampshade Frivoloso is separately available in green or white.

​“Ringelpiez, a favorite play of my childhood. Woom-Bung.” Ingo Maurer

​The flat hemispherical base is made of a slightly rough material in a light grey, vaguely reminding of the surface of an unknown moon. It has two openings to hold the rod, one for a vertical position, the second for a slightly inclined position. There are no screws, the user simply plucks the rod and places it in the other opening depending on the lighting needs.

​Ringelpiez is a fully functional and flexible floor lamp. It is suitable for many applications, amongst others for use next to seating furniture or tables. It is equipped with high-quality, dimmable LEDs with 3520 lm, 2700 K and an extraordinary high CRI of >90 Ra.


Ringelpiez can also be used with the Frivoloso diffuser. Formally Frivoloso reminds us of the pleated lampshades from the last century.

Other models from the Ringelpiez-family: Ringelpiez Suspension, Ringelpiez Table, Ringelpiez Wall und Flying Disc.