Where to Buy

You are a retailer or light planner and wish to resell or use our products? Please contact us at info@ingo-maurer.com or call us in Munich at +49-89-3816060!

​The results of your address search are visible beneath the map.

The addresses on the map are a selection of our retailers. If you plan to purchase our products through other retailers, we would be glad to inform you about existing business partnerships. The agent for your region is the best contact person for questions about the specific service offered by retailers.

In general, we recommend purchasing our products in the stores of our retailers, since we provide them with detailed information on the models and supply them directly.

Please also note that fake models or models tagged ‘Ingo Maurer’ without any connection to Ingo Maurer are being offered on online markets for private sales and auctions. If you are unsure about an offered piece, please let us know. We will try to clarify the facts as quickly as possible and let you know before damage is done.