La Festa delle Farfalle

La Festa delle Farfalle
Ingo Maurer & Team 2019
34 butterflies and one dragonfly made of paper. Three bulbs like pears on a porcelain plate. LEDs integrated in the plate provide up- and downlight.
Light source
LED 11 W, 2700 K, 1400 lm, CRI >90, 25.000 h, EEC A+. With integrated LEDs, not exchangeable by the user.
Technical data
For 200 - 240 V or 100 - 135 V. With electronic transformer.
Stick and butterflies min. 85 cm.
More info
Available from February 2019.
White butterflies and a green paper dragonfly. A set of black butterflies and a red dragonfly is available to create black La Festa delle Farfalle.

​Fotos: Tom Vack