Retail-Design by Ingo Maurer for Sport Schuster, Munich

Lighting installation for shop Sport Schuster
Munich, 2018
102 inflatable light elements float above the entrance area of Sport Schuster in the Munich city centre. With its gentle curve, the installation points the way to the new part of the long-established sport outfitters. Ingo Maurer and his team developed the robust version of the Blow Me Up for business premises together with Theo Möller, the designer of the inflatable light fixture in just a few months. The reopening of the sports shop was on 10 October 2018.
The rod-shaped lighting elements are suspended from the ceiling with a gentle curve. Quite dynamic, but without exaggeration. The installation is equipped with controllable RGBW LED strips. It offers the customer many possibilities in the long term to design the business premises in an appealing, surprising and always new way - with new program sequences, without refurbishing the space. The robust lighting elements are made of truck tarpaulin material. The underside is transparent, the top is light grey. Their materiality creates associations with outdoor products. An RGBW LED strip is sewn into each light element, which emits the light into the 'hose'. Only the reflected, indirect light is perceptible, which of course can also be regulated in brightness.

Sporthaus Schuster
Rosenstraße 3–5
80331 Munich
Monday - Saturday
10 am - 8 pm

One minute from ​Marienplatz

​Photos: Joachim Grothus, Stefan Geisbauer