Tubular Balance

Tubular Balance
Sebastian Hepting, Ingo Maurer Team 2021
Tubular Balance is a member of the ‘Tubular’ luminaire family. With its length of 125 cm, this table version of the filigree tubular glass luminaire also illuminates a particularly wide area - ideal for use at desks and in offices. Tubular Balance does not require a ceiling outlet, but can be connected to a socket. It hangs from the ceiling on a thin cable and is combined with a lamp base as a counterweight. This keeps the glass tube suspended by means of a pull cord.
Light source
LED strip, 1647 lm, 3000 K, 12 V, 26.8 W, 25000 h, CRI 90+, EEC F (A-G), cannot be replaced by the user, but can be replaced by specialists.
Length 125 cm, tube diameter 6 cm, cable 300 cm
Cable/tube: red/red, white/white
Tubular Balance - Many possibilities

When designing the lamp, Sebastian Hepting chose an unprocessed tube made of borosilicate glass, in which numerous LED light points are lined up like on a pearl necklace. The textile cable wraps loosely around the glass tube and creates an exciting contrast to the linear character of the light body. The tube can be rotated 360° in the rope loop, so the direction of the light can be precisely adjusted. Tubular Balance can be used as a downlight or uplight, producing direct or indirect light, e.g. backwards on the wall or upwards on the ceiling . Thanks to the individual orientation of the light, Tubular Balance enables many possible uses, both in private and commercial areas.

The glass lamp can be continuously dimmed using the dimmer switch in the cable and provides atmospheric light - whether as table lighting at home, in the kitchen, in the studio, in restaurants, above a bar, in hotels or boutiques.