Tubular Balance

Tubular Balance
Sebastian Hepting, Ingo Maurer Team 2021
Tubular Balance is the new member of the "Tubular" luminaire family by designer Sebastian Hepting. The Tubular Balance is a hybrid between a pendant and a table lamp and can be connected to a socket without a ceiling outlet. With its length of 125 cm, the table version of the filigree tubular glass luminaire illuminates a particularly wide area - ideal for desk work or as office lighting. The glass tube is attached to the ceiling by a thin cord and in the new version is combined with a luminaire base for the first time. The base acts as a counterweight via a pull cord, keeping the transparent glass tube suspended. For the design, Sebastian Hepting chose an unprocessed tube of borosilicate glass in which numerous LED light points are strung together like a string of pearls. A coloured textile cable loosely wraps around the glass tube and creates an exciting contrast to the linear character of the luminaire. Customers can choose between red and white for the colour of the textile cable. For larger quantities, special colours are available on request: the luminaire can be individualised and can be combined with different coloured cables on request. The infinitely dimmable glass luminaire provides atmospheric light both in the private sphere and for professional use - whether as table lighting at home, in the kitchen, in restaurants, above a bar, in hotels or boutiques. In addition, the luminaire can be rotated 360° in the cable loops so that the illumination of the tabletop can be precisely adjusted.
Light source
LED 1647 lm, 3000 K, 12 V, 26,8 W, 25000 h, CRI 90+, EEC C (A-G)
Length 125 cm, tube diameter 6 cm, cable 300 cm
Cable/tube: red/red, white/white