Sebastian Hepting, Ingo Maurer Team 2020
Tubular is a multifunctional glass luminaire. The glass tube can be rotated through 360° and can be used as downlight, uplight or wallwasher. Glass, metal, textile cable, plastic.
Light source
LED 1647 lm, 3000 K, 12 V, 26.8 W, 25000 h, CRI 90+, EEC F (A-G), cannot be replaced by the user, but can be replaced by professionals.
Technical data
100 - 240 volt transformer in canopy, dimmable via trailing edge dimmer (TRIAC); and 0-10 V / 1-10 V. (dimmer not included).
Length 125 cm, diameter 6 cm. Cable length 300 cm, suspension max. 250 cm.
With red louvre and red cable or with white louvre and blue cable. Optional cable in desired colour, can be replaced by qualified electricians.