Oh Mei Ma

Oh Mei Ma
Ingo Maurer 1993
Six sheets of paper gold leaf. Plumb made of plexiglass.
Light source
LED 39 W, 37 V, 3890 lm, 2700 K, CRI 97. Bulb fitting according to Zhaga Book 3. LED blue 1 W, 3 V, 50000 h, EEC F (A-G). The light source is not exchangeable by the user, but by a qualified person. (As at January 2017).
Technical data
For 110 - 240 V, dimmable with a trailing-edge dimmer.
Standard length 300 cm. Sonderlänge 550 cm.
Gold. Silver available upon request.

The sheets of Oh Mei Ma and Oh Mei Ma Kabir are gold-plated by experienced craftsmen from Munich. Each set is made on order in a meticulous process.

The silver version of the Oh Mei Mas is only made on special request. Due to the thin paper material, it is not possible to polish the sheets to avoid tarnishing.