Oh Man, it's a Ray!

Oh Man, It's a Ray!
Ingo Maurer 2009
Oh Man, it‘s a Ray! is both a mobile and a chandelier. Made from simple, natural materials, wooden parts in the shape of coat-hangers and incandescent bulbs, it is an airy and playful, yet impressive object. Oh Man, it‘s a Ray! can be manufactured with 4 to 6 layers. Limited production. Wood, metal, glass, plastic.
Light source
With clear low-voltage bulbs
Technical data
For 230 or 125 volts, secondary output 24 volts.
Diameter 200-250 cm. Height approx. 75 cm.
More info
It is a hommage to the inventiveness of Man Ray. Limited edition.

A large, dark version of Oh Man, It's a Ray! at our ​New York showroom, May 2016.