Ingo Maurer und Team 2015
OH LED ONE is no longer in production. Glass, stainless steel, plastic. Two OLED modules (140 x 140 mm) by LG Chem. The angle of the lamp is freely adjustable by the ball-and socket joint in the base.
Light source
10 W OLED, 500 lm, 3000 K, CRI 90. The modules have a lifetime of 15.000 h (indication of the manufacturer).
Technical data
100 - 240/20 volts. With plug-in transformer.
Height approx. 55 cm, width approx. 29 cm, cable length 250 cm.
More info
OH LED ONE is no longer in production.

OH LED Two is a one-off, equipped with one large OLED module with a size of 32 x 32 cm.

​In OH•LED•ONE, Ingo Maurer takes up the design concept of ​EL.E.DEE. The table lamp presented in 2001 was the first table lamp based on LED technology on the market. The light source of the new version are not LEDs – a technology that has become standard over the last one and a half decades – but two OLED modules by LG Chem, fixed on a thin sheet of transparent plastic.