Sebastian Hepting 2023
MOODMOON framed joins the existing MOODMOON family of lamps by designer Sebastian Hepting: MOODMOON framed can be hung on the wall like a picture or used as a floor or table lamp. This is made possible by a sturdy metal frame covered with Japanese paper in which the light source is installed. MOODMOON framed offers light in different moods, ranging from LIQUID GOLD, which is reminiscent of molten, flowing gold and provides pleasant light in the living room, to INDIGO, a deep blue light that radiates calm and tranquillity. MOODMOON framed offers a total of 17 moods, eight of which are new and have been specially developed for the framed version. The closed frame allowed the designer to experiment with colourful compositions, as the colour does not radiate onto the wall but is held impressively in the frame. As with the classic MOODMOON, the various lighting moods can be selected and dimmed using the free Ingo Maurer Digital App. The luminaire contains a WLAN module. Integration into an existing Wi-Fi network is possible. The framed utilises the same proven lighting concept on which the classic MOODMOON is based: Human Centric Lighting.
Light source
LED strip max. 45 W, EEC G (A-G). The LEDs cannot be replaced by the user, but can be replaced by specialists.
Technical data
100-240 Volt 50/60Hz
105 x 75 cm, Cable length 350 cm
More info
Direct connection to a wall outlet possible. The Ingo Maurer Digital App is available free of charge in the App or Android Store. The tripod shown is optionally available.
Frame, cable and Japanese paper: white. The tripod is made of untreated, light-coloured ash wood.
MOODMOON framed with tripod
An optional eye-catcher

The light gradients shine through the Japanese paper and give the impression that the designer has painted on a canvas with luminous colour. On the available tripod made of light ash, which is reminiscent of an artist's easel, the luminaire takes on the appearance of a free-standing watercolour in a studio.

However, the luminous picture can also be positioned without a tripod: leaning against the wall, standing on a sideboard or classically hung as a wall light - the MOODMOON framed can be used in a variety of ways and skilfully balances functionality and art object.

MOODMOON classic - a proven lighting concept
Human Centric Lighting