MOODMOON White is a powerful alternative to the coloured MOODMOON, which emits a warm white light with high colour rendering. The poetic lighting effect of the luminaire is created by the unique structure of the Japanese paper, which is penetrated by bright, warm white LED light through rear projection. The shape of MOODMOON White - round or square - is reduced and restrained so that the extraordinary paper can better unfold its effect. The version with a round shade can also be installed as a ceiling light.
Technical data
Nominal luminous flux 4000lm, 2700K, CRI 92, EEC F (A-G). The LEDs contained cannot be replaced by the user, but can be replaced by specialists.
MOODMOON White is available in the following formats: round with a diameter of 60 cm and square in the format 75 x 75 cm.
More info
Easy to install, one nail on the wall is enough. Supplied with a 350 cm long plug cable with foot switch. Direct connection to a wall outlet by a qualified electrician is also possible. Several lights can be linked and then controlled synchronously using the remote control supplied. This can also be attached to the wall using the magnetic holder.
Japanese paper for MOODMOON
Paper lamp with quality

Due to the irregular arrangement of the long fibers, each sheet of paper in the MOODMOON lamp is unique. The Japanese paper, in its intentional imperfection, underlines the high-quality manufacturing character, as do the seams of the square umbrella made in our Munich workshop.

Decorative shop light
Interior design with MOODMOON White

(c) Artists Collaboration / Sergey Krasyk.