Ingo Maurer und Team 2011
ManOMan is a freely adaptable mobile, an uplighter that changes its appearance with the viewing angle. Aluminium, steel, plastic
Light source
230 volts version: Socket G9, max. 60 W, compatible with bulbs of the energy classes A++ - E. Originally with14 halogen bulbs 48 W, 2800 K, 740/10360 lm, 2000 h, CRI 100, EEC D (as at Feb. 2014). 10360 lm in total. 125-volts-version: With 14 x 60 W halogen.
Technical data
For 230 or 125 volts.
Diametre c. 250 cm, maximum diametre 300 cm. Height c. 45 cm. Cable length 200 cm.
White lacquered. Special colours available on request.

ManOMan is an airy lighting object with a highly functional design. Lightweight yet large, it works on ceilings where multiple fixing points or the suspension of heavy objects is not possible. Ingo Maurer created the first version, a custom-made item for rooms in a classic Wilhelminian-style building. The ceiling with original stucco decoration, was not to be damaged. A wide diffusion of glare-free light makes it practical for effectively illuminating a variety of spaces.

​​Oh Man, It’s a Ray! also came into being during the work on this project. The photo of the maquette shows a special version of ManOMan. Like many other maquettes and special pieces, it was exhibited at our ​Munich showroom.