Spazio Krizia, 2013

Spazio Krizia
Milan, 2013
At Spazio Krizia, we presented two models of the project for Inhotim, the art park in Brazil, Flying Flames Chandelier in front of a reproduction of the Last Supper, as well as other novelties and experimental lighting objects.
"For many years, Spazio Krizia has been a fantastic platform to showcase my ideas for objects, One-Offs, and installations. It has also become my base camp in Milano during the Salone, a space where I have had the chance to meet many interesting, lovely people, last not least the brilliant, generous Mariuccia Mandelli, an outstanding character. Thank you, Signora, for this unique opportunity!" (Ingo Maurer)

Photo 1, Flying Flames installation with a reproduction of the "Last Supper" (Flying Flames, design by M.Waldemeyer/Ingo Maurer and Team; installation for the exhibition created by Ingo Maurer and Team); photo 2, LED Canvas, Ingo Maurer and Team; photo 3, Vengco's Playing, Isagani Vengco. Other objects: Manifold (Axel Schmid), Veramente al Dente (Ingo Maurer and Team), My New Flame (Moritz Waldemeyer/Ingo Maurer and Team), Campari Bar (Raffaele Celentano), Light Structure (LED version, Peter Hamburger/Ingo Maurer).

Photos/Video: Tom Vack and Team