Exhibition "Ingo Maurer intim. Design or what?" at the Design Museum Munich

Ingo Maurer intim. Design or what?
Munich, 2019
From 15.11.2019 to 18.10.2020, visitors can get the chance to explore the wide range of work by Ingo Maurer and his team. The focus of that exhibition at the Neue Sammlung (The Design Museum) is on Ingo Maurer's diversity with the game of light. On display are various objects such as lamps, luminaires, architectural models, original sketches and various materials such as paper, porcelain, plastic or gold. With more than 80 objects, visitors of the museum in Munich can expect a voyage of discovery from early and current projects as well as from the private and public sectors.
The Neue Sammlung / Design Museum Munich had invited Ingo Maurer and team to use its exhibition space in the Pinakothek der Moderne and to give visitors a deep insight into the many years of work with lamps and lightings by Ingo Maurer and team. Based on an ingenious concept, a small world of light was created in the heart of the company's home town in Munich. Ingo Maurer passed away shortly before the opening of the exhibition on 21 October 2019.


Ingo Maurer and team installed the pendulum in the entrance hall of the Pinakothek der Moderne / Neue Sammlung. This installation in the form of an egg had invigorated the rotunda with vibration and calm from 03.05.2019 to 23.08.2020.

Ingo Maurer and team installed another object of the pendulum permanently in Hall 12 of the Frankfurt Exhibition Centre.

Missed this exhibition? Gain direct insights: with the museum's digital "Greetings from the New Museum" you can follow up lectures on individual objects from "Ingo Maurer intim. Design or what?" (greetings 1, 2, 11 and 9). Unfortunately in German only.

Gruß 1: Object: Ingo Maurer, Leuchte „Porca Miseria!“, 1994

Gruß 2: Object: Ingo Maurer, Installation „Pendulum“, 2019

Gruß 9: Objects: Luzy on the Wall, Bibibibi, TU-BE Two, Wo bist du Edison…?, LED Wall

Gruß 11: Thema. Ingo Maurer. Abbau