Private villa, 2011
In 2011, Ingo Maurer created the first Biotope, a large object made with natural sponges. In 2012, he presented an amazing green wall, with a length of seven metres, more than two metres high, lit up by glowing insects in Milan. The objects were custom-made for private homes.
While working on the biotope, Ingo Maurer realized that the composition of various types of natural sponges has more impact without the insects. The biotop wall is lit up by tiny recessed spot lights. The sponges are collected by experienced sponge divers in the Mediterranean and Caribbean Sea. The gathering of sponges is an exacting process, based on traditional methods, executed by hand in a sustainable way which is both eco- and resource-friendly.

The insect models have inspired Ingo Maurer to create ​Johnny B. Butterfly, ​J.B. Schmetterling und ​Flatterby. The insects are made by hand by an US-American artist, Graham Owen, who makes realistic film props and other replica.

​In the exploration of the aesthetic qualities of the material, Ingo Maurer created a small table lamp in autumn 2010, and a larger desk lamp in spring 2011. Both are One-Offs.

​Photos: Tom Vack