J. B. Schmetterling

J. B. Schmetterling
Ingo Maurer, Axel Schmid 2011
Sold out! Light bulb with white plastic ring shade. Eight hand-made insect models. Limited edition.
Light source
With halogen 70 W, 1180 lm, 2800 K, 2000 h, CRI 100, EEC D (as at Feb. 2014). Socket B15d, max. 75 W, halogen, compatible with bulbs of the energy classes A++ - E.
Technical data
For 230 or 125 volts.
Height c. 35 cm. Cable length 250 cm

J.B. Butterfly is sold out. On the smaller model Johnny B. Butterfly a ring made of PTFE sits a directly on the bulb. The ring is equipped with three insects.

In 2011, Ingo Maurer presented two bulbs with insects circling around them. Each of the insects are intricately made by hand.

The large version J. B. Schmetterling is a limited edition. A halogen light source is suspended in the middle of a mouth-blown glass bulb form. Eight handmade insects are attached on the white ring, made by flexible freeform manufacturing (3D Printing).

J.B. Dragonfly. Limited Edition of five pieces, with red ring and insects. Sold out.

Photos: Tom Vack and Team