Milan, 2011
ablaze - sentimento (s)travolgente - an installation for Mutant Architecture
Fire is a radical way of change in architecture. Everybody who has ever seen a fire knows the extreme emotions it triggers: Fear and shock as well as the amazement and excitement about its beauty and power, its moving light. Our original idea, or rather dream, was to show the gradual transformation of a house burning down in slow-motion. And while working on that, we decided to focus on the perception. The installation „ablaze - sentimento (s)travolgente“ thus takes up transformation of buildings and the emotional power of fire and light in a more abstract way: A hut, the archetype of a building, not perfectly “a piombo”, but already distorted. A rope is necessary to stabilize its structure. Between its inside and outside, there is a stark contrast: outside it is rough and black, inside it is lit up in an intensive red, while an opening in the floor contrasts with a glowing green. In the middle of the space, an object is floating with a slow movement. Imagine a sophisticated human being – a dropout? – living there with a sense for emotion and passion for new technology. During the exhibition of the installation at the Cortile della Farmacia, Cajun and Zydeco music played in the courtyard. The work is a collaboration between Ingo Maurer and Axel Schmid. The exhibition Mutant Architecture was organized by Interni magazine.

​Die ablaze Installation wurde 2011 auch während der Design Week Moskau gezeigt.

Foto Nr. 1: Tom Vack. Foto Nr. 2 Andres Otero, Foto Nr. 3, Modell der Hütte, Tom Vack.

Foto Nr. 4, Axel Schmid und Ingo Maurer in Mailand 2011, Tom Vack. Foto Nr. 5, ablaze in Moskau, Axel Schmid.