What We Do Counts

What We Do Counts
Ingo Maurer 2015
What We Do Counts n'est plus disponible. Aluminium, steel. The speech bubble with integrated LED rotates through 360° and can be positioned higher. One side of the speech bubble sports Ingo Maurer’s message which concerns us all. The other side is blank and leaves space for your words. The desk lamp comes with a board marker pen, so you can rethink what you wish to express anytime.
Light source
2 x 6 W LED, 1040 lm, 3000 K, CRI 90, not dimmable, EEC A+. With built-in LEDs. The light source is not exchangeable by the user, but by an electrician.
Technical data
For 100 - 240 V, secondary output 18.5 V/700 mA. With electronic ballast with mains adapter.
Height max. 85 cm, width max. 90 cm, cable length 200 cm.
More info
What We Do Counts is no longer in production. Our retailers may still have some on stock.The final version has one white side for your personal message. Board marker pen included for flexibility!

In 2015, Ingo Maurer presented two versions of What We Do Counts with different base plates.From March 2016, the version with the black base plate will be available. (As of February 2016).

Ingo Maurer on What We Do Counts:

“Comics have become an important part of our lifes. Witty and cheerful, humorous and last but not least very inspiring. I love speech bubbles. So I thought, why not turn a speech bubble into a desk lamp? But with a strong message which concerns us all: "What we do counts."

In my work there always has been a lot of humour. This desk lamp - or Arbeitslampe as we call it - is a serious joke: makes good light, moves

anywhere you want it, very functional and last but not least inspiring - what we do counts.

Big thanks to my fantastic team for helping me to make this lamp come true.”

Photos: Tom Vack and team