Walking Bulb

Walking Bulb
Michel Sempels 2015
Walking Bulb combines the unique, magical beauty of the incandescent bulb with cutting-edge LED technology. It is slender and light, made of a stainless steel wire. Walking Bulb seems to stride forward, carrying the light bulb into the future. Stainless steel, brass, aluminium, plastic. The LED spot swivels through 360° on an horizontal axis.
Light source
4 W Led, 3000 K, 350 lm, CRI 90, not dimmable, EEC A+. The light source is not exchangeable by the user, but by specialists.
Technical data
Für 100 - 240 V, secondary 5 V USB. Comes with European or US type of plug
Height 62 cm, width 25 cm, depth 7,5 cm, cable length 300 cm.
More info
Available since February 2016. On display in our Munich and New York showrooms, and at Design Post Cologne.

​Loop is the pendant version of Walking Bulb. Both lamps were first presented at Euroluce 2015.

Photos: Tom Vack. The photo of Walking Bulb on the black surface (by Hagen Sczech) shows the prototype of 2015 in our NY showroom.