Theo Möller 2023
Delicate, fragile and yet astonishingly effective. The egg and its special shape have always had a special place at Ingo Maurer. Discover Reality, the new lamp made from a real egg. The centrepiece of the luminaire is a real, certified hen's egg, into which a fine geometric slit is cut. The LED, which is suspended with copper cables, provides gentle lighting with just nine lumens. But its true beauty lies in this restraint.
Light source
With LED 6 V, 0.3 W, socket E5.5. USB connection type A 2.0; voltage max. 6 V.
4,5 x 6 cm. 0,3 kg. Cable length 300 cm.
More info
Connect the USB plug (type A 2.0) to a suitable power source: a USB power supply unit, computer or a power bank with a maximum output voltage of 6 V. The light source is not part of the EU Ecodesign Directive and can be replaced by the user. Power supply unit not included in the scope of delivery.
Real egg. Eggshell, white, copper.
Reality a natural product

The Reality lamp is a purely natural product with all its beauty. Each product is therefore unique and may differ slightly in feel and appearance. The contents are further processed for consumption at a selected farm in northern Germany. The egg was produced according to KAT.EU.

The simplicity of the egg
Design by Theo Möller

The painting "Pala Montefeltro" by Piero della Francesca was an inspiration for the luminaire: as can be seen in the painting, the egg can take up an entire room despite its small size and fragility. The simplicity and uniqueness can only be conveyed with a real egg. That is the essence of the luminaire.

The design comes from the designer Theo Möller, who has already realized several outstanding luminaires and installations with the Ingo Maurer team, such as the inflatable Blow Me Up luminaire.

"Pala Montefeltro" von Piero della Francesca