Ringelpiez Wall

Ringelpiez Wall
Ingo Maurer und Team 2017
Aluminium, carbon fiber, plastic. Almost as long as the floor lamp, the pull-out carbon fibre rod projects far into the room. The wall mounting is a ball joint, the positioning is correspondingly flexible. Ringelpiez Wall can also be fixed to the ceiling and, of course, can also be used with the Frivoloso diffuser. // March 2019: In the interest of preventive consumer safety, we are recalling the transformers of the Ringelpiez models Ringelpiez Floor, Table and Wall with immediate effect. The recall only affects models with a “Kaoyi” brand transformer delivered until early March 2019. We ask users of these models to disconnect the transformer from the mains and contact Ingo Maurer GmbH to obtain a replacement. We apologize for the inconvenience. Since end of May 2019 new Ringelpiez specimens with a new transformer are available.
Light source
LED, 3000 K, 3520 lm, CRI 95,25 W, EEC A+. With built-in LEDs. Light source not exchangeable by user.
Technical data
For 220 - 240 V or 100 - 130 V. Dimmable.
Length 150 - 210 cm.
More info
First produced in March 2018. The new version, which will be manufactured from January 2021, is equipped with LEDs that have a light colour of 2700 K. The predecessor model has 3000 K.
The ring with LEDs comes in black or white.The lampshade Frivoloso is separately available in green or white.

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