Ringelpiez Wall

Ringelpiez Wall
Ingo Maurer und Team 2017
Aluminium, carbon fiber, plastic. Almost as long as the floor lamp, the pull-out carbon fibre rod projects far into the room. The wall mounting is a ball joint, the positioning is correspondingly flexible. Ringelpiez Wall can also be fixed to the ceiling and, of course, can also be used with the Frivoloso diffuser.
Light source
LED, 3000 K, 3520 lm, CRI 95,25 W, EEC A+. With built-in LEDs. Light source not exchangeable by user.
Technical data
For 220 - 240 V or 100 - 130 V. Dimmable.
Length 150 - 210 cm.
More info
First produced in March 2018.
The ring with LEDs comes in black or white.The lampshade Frivoloso is separately available in green or white.

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