Prototype / Prototype Floor
Bernhard Dessecker, Ingo Maurer 2001
Prototype is no longer in production. Aluminium, stainless steel, metal, plastic, silicon. Rotates in metal base through 360°. Horizontal arm can be raised or lowered with 90° (80 cm) radius of travel. Lamp head swivels through 100°. Reflector rotates through 360° around the bulb.
Light source
230/125 volts. 230 volts: 75 watts halogen, 125 volts: 60 watts halogen, socket G9. Complete with bulb.
Height approx. 50 - max. 100 cm, width approx. 22 - max. 73 cm.

At Euroluce 2015 we presented the successor model ​Bastardo, also designed by Bernhard Dessecker. Bastardo will be equipped with LEDs, and still is a prototype.