Oskar on the Shelf

Oskar on the Shelf
Ingo Maurer & Team 2019
Oskar on the Shelf is a new version of the illuminating bookend Oskar. The shelf floats lightly and freely on the wall, providing support for books, mobile phones, glasses and keys. The gooseneck allows flexible adjustment of the light module. Powder-coated metal, laquered aluminium. Please contact us for more information about the lighting system of Oskar on the Shelf.
Light source
LED, 2700 K, 700 lm, CRI >90, 6 W, 25.000 h, EEC F (A-G), cable length 400 cm.
Technical data
For 110 - 240 volts
50 x 20 x 24 cm
More info
With toggle switch and USB port (5 Volt)
White or black