Light Cone L

Light Cone L
Ingo Maurer 2005
Fibreglass. For flush mounting in lowered ceilings.
Light source
Bulbs are not included. Socket G53, max.100 W. Compatible with bulbs of the energy classes A++ - E. The light bulb is available separately in LED or halogen. Recommendation for LED: Soraa Vivid 18,5 W, 25°, 3000 K, 1000 lm, CRI 95, 35.000 h, EEC A. (Information provided by manufacturer.) Originally with halogen bulb 24° 100 W, 3000 K, CRI 100, 3000 h, 8500 cd, EEC C (as at Feb. 2017). Prices of light sources on request.
Technical data
For 230 or 125 volts, secondary output 12 volts. Built-in transformer.
Installation depth 23 cm. LED version: Installation depth 24 cm