BangBoom! Zettel'z

BangBoom! Zettel'z
Ingo Maurer und Team 2010
Sold out. Japanese paper, stainless steel, heat-resistant satin-frosted glass. 80 printed paper sheets DIN A5. BangBoom! Zettel‘z is a limited edition of Zettel‘z 5. Drawings by Thilo Rothacker.
Light source
See Zettel'z 5
Technical data
For 230 or 125 volts
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Sold out. Our retailers may still have some on stock.

Bang Boom Zettel'z is the second limited edition version of the ​Zettel'z 5. (Edition 400 pieces.) The sheets are made of Japanese paper printed on both sides. The dynamic illustrations and choice of colours make a wonderous glow and powerful effect. Before the Bang Boom Zettel'z, Ingo Maurer produced the ​Blushing Zettel'z (sold out). Also currently available as a limited edition is our Zettel'z Viva Italia!