24 Karat Blau

24 Karat Blau
Axel Schmid 2005
24 Karat Blau by designer Axel Schmid for Ingo Maurer is part and namesake of the golden 24 Karat Blau luminaire family. Metal, four plates with gold leaf cast into acrylic glass: the luminaire's trims each have four holes with which they can be hung from the red rod cross at different angles, in portrait or landscape format. The 24 carat blue trims are individually handcrafted. Gold leaf is real gold. It is beaten out very thinly with a hammer by gold beaters. The gold leaf is beaten 1/10,000 mm thin - the equivalent of 1,000 atomic layers - so that short-wave blue light can shine through between the molecules, while yellow-gold light is reflected. Due to the special beating technique of the gold, the wafer-thin gold leaf has a wonderful pattern in the shape of a star. Axel Schmid deliberately used real gold: "With real gold, the energy stays there - inside the luminaire. No gold lacquer can imitate that. In addition, with real gold there is the surface structure. With the combination of plastic, valuable gold is brought into a household format, which is easy to use and maintain." A great contrast to gold is provided by the colours red (rods and cables) and blue (light point). The 24 Karat Blau can be extended as desired: 24 Karat Blau M is the name of the set that expands a single 24 Karat Blau into a larger hanging lamp.
Light source
Socket E 27 (max. 60W), compatible with bulbs of the energy classes EEC A-G. For halogen or LED string bulbs.
Technical data
For 100 - 240 volts.
Cable 230 cm. Special length 450 cm.
More info
Reflector for optional use.
Red cable and rods.

All models in the 24 Karat Blau family create a warm and friendly light. Easy to arrange the acrylic panels to individual taste, this product is an excellent choice for lighting in living or dining rooms, and kitchens in private homes or bars and restaurants

The extension kit 24 Karat Blau M makes it possible to enlarge the 24 Karat Blau in order to best suit the requirements in both amount of light and size of fixture required by the space where it is placed.

Photos: Tom Vack


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