Crystalline Cabinet of Wonder

Crystalline Cabinet of Wonder - Simone Crestani
Showroom München, 2018
On the occasion of the MCBW, Ingo Maurer showcases the work of Simone Crestani, one of the most creative and influential Italian glass designers in recent years. Simone creates large and detailed glass objects with a strong visual impact. His sculptures combine the glass tradition of Venice and a self-taught “Hollow Sculpture” technique, for which he is becoming well known worldwide. Every piece is a handmade unique visual treat.
Simone Crestani, born in 1984, is an Italian glass artist and designer based in Vicenza (Veneto). He started to work glass at Massimo’s Lunardon factory when he was 15 and in 2010 opened his own studio, Atelier Crestani, where he developed his own way to work borosilicate glass at the torch. In the last ten years he has exhibited in many prestigious places all around the world and he’s currently invited as instructor and visiting artist in some of the most important glass centers.