Gudde Vol

Belval, 2014
'GuddeVol', the five objects that light up Place des Hauts-Fourneaux, a square between the disused furnaces in Belval, are the first ‘street lights’ designed by Ingo Maurer. But the word falls short of their extraordinary shape. The white disks have a diametre of 420 cm. They are kept above the ground at a slight angle by three slender, mat black poles with a length of approximately 5 metres. The opening in the middle has a width of 115 cm. On the bottom side, several curved openings of various lengths are equipped with recessed LEDs, which provide light for the surface below. This design provides lighting for the floor and avoids unwanted upwards scattering of light.
Additional spotlights brighten up the disk themselves, which are hovering in the air like shining UFOs, creating bright pools of light below. Ingo Maurer named his design ‚GuddeVol‘ (luxembourgish for ‚Have a good flight‘). The circular shape and the bright white colour introduce two new and distinct elements to the area, adding a friendly, positive and dynamic touch to the surroundings. Five GuddeVol have been lit up on July 4, 2014. More will be installed in the following months.