Blow Me Up at Light & Building 2018

Blow Me Up at light+building
Frankfurt, March 2018
For this year’s Light&Building Ingo Maurer and team designed an iconic installation that stood out from other exhibitors through its shape, colour and interactive light. A solid kiosk framed the square booth. The outside was coated in a bright green – Ingo Maurer’s “Trademark Colour” since years – whilst through a window, serving as information desk, one could see the intense reddish pink shining from the inside. Above the void area of the stall a seven by seven meter large curved light installation has been suspended. 144 modified Blow Me Ups formed a display for interactive content. All together the ceiling was equipped with over 14 000 addressable RGBW LEDs. The display was program-med with dynamic content based on customized hard- and software control. Visitors were invited to share their mood instantly through the social media platform Instagram and thus impact the dynamic visualisations.