Ingo Maurer Team 2023
Inspired by the idea of chance – the uncontrolled form created by a falling cable - the Signature lamp by Ingo Maurer appears like a three-dimensional drawing in a room. The combination of a soft cable, which is connected to a springy, circular structure in simple black, creates the impression for the viewer that it has a coincidental, continuous shape. At the end of this construction, there is an elegant, deliberately inconspicuous lampshade that does not, steal the show from the tangle of cables. It blends stylishly with the overall concept and is thereby not overbearing. With a change of perspective, the way one sees the shape of the lampshade also changes: from a cone to an obliquely inclined rectangle. The lampshade made of anodised aluminium underlines the casualness of the new pendant lamp by Ingo Maurer with its asymmetry and ambiguity and provides a directional light with a GU10 light bulb.
Light source
GU 10, for max. 12 W, suitable for EEC A-G bulbs.
Technical data
For 100–240 Volt.
60-80 x approx. 60 x approx. 60 cm. Cable length: 4.5 metres.
More info
Also available as a set of 3. Material: aluminium, plastic, rubber.
Black (optional shade in red and blue).
Downlight and uplight

In combination with several Signature luminaires, the shade becomes a practical tool: by hooking a cable into the bent end, the luminaires can be combined to form a large cloud, for example, or the downlight can be bent into an uplight. The design suggestions from the design team at Ingo Maurer, which are enclosed with the luminaire, provide inspiration on how to best set the scene for the pendant luminaire. However, there are no limits to your own imagination: whether wild weave or symmetrical configuration - the clips allow the cable to be connected to the shape at any point. For the construction of the Signature, the team from Ingo-Maurer relies on a black elastic rod, which in principle resembles the function of a throw tent. With a tendency to lie double, the rod becomes a large circle when it is bent upwards.the design team uses this element of tension deliberately to create natural soft curves. This gives the impression that the material is in a constant process of expansion and thus creates the seemingly floating and coherent form.