Ringelpiez Table

Ringelpiez Table
Ingo Maurer 2017
For the purpose of preventive consumer safety we recall with immediate effect the transformers of the Ringelpiez models Ringelpiez Floor, Table, and Wall. We ask users of these models to disconnect the transformer from the mains and not to use it any more. We formally apologize for the inconvenience. A test showed that the transformer is not safe despite CE marking and corresponding declaration of conformity. We are working on a safe replacement for the transformer so that users can use the Ringelpiez models again as quickly as possible. New Ringelpiez models will only be delivered when a new transformer is available.
Light source
LED, 3000 K, 3520 lm, CRI 95, 25 W, EEC A+. With built-in LEDs. Light source not exchangeable by user.
Technical data
For 220–240 or 100–130 V. Transformer with slide control. Dimmable.
Height 92 cm. he fixture is not height-adjustable.
More info
The version Ringelpiez Table is intended for use on tables and sideboards. Here, the lampshade Frivoloso is a must, formal but also to avoid glare. Ringelpiez Table with Frivoloso combines timeliness with the expression of the Mid-Century-Modern. Ringelpiez Table will be delivered with the lampshade in White or Green. First produced in January 2018.
The ring with LEDs comes in black.The lampshade Frivoloso is available in green or white.

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