One New Flame

One New Flame
Moritz Waldemeyer, Ingo Maurer und Team 2013
At the upper end of a sleek circuit board, suspended on fine wires, a candle flame seems to flicker. Circuit board, metal, plastic.
Light source
Two displays each with 128 dimmable LEDs. 0,6 watts LED, 2700 K, CRI 80. With built-in LEDs. The light source is not exchangeable by the user.
Technical data
125 - 230 volts, secondary output 5 volts
Circuit board: 430 x 30 x 3 mm. Canopy: 110 x 110 x 25 mm. The cables of the Flame element are max. 250 cm long. Due to technical reasons, longer cables are not possible.
More info
The electronic ballast is integrated in the simple, white canopy. On display at our showrooms.
Circuit board available in black, red or white.

​One New Flame and the flexible system Flying Flames are available since December respect. November 2013. All versions are available in Red, Black and since autumn 2017 also in white.