Mickey’s Manifesto

Mickey’s Manifesto
Ingo Maurer für The Walt Disney Company 2016
Black polished Corian plate with four black, round legs. Mickey Mouse figurines, plastic in red, white and black. When asked to create a piece with figures from the Disney range, Ingo Maurer immediately settled on one of the original Disney characters: Mickey Mouse. The piece is a manifesto for Mickey Mouse, pointing out the enormous influence of the character.
Light source
Fiber optic cable
100 x 100 x 60 cm
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In April 2016 this object was shown in London in a special exhibition organized by Disney. More info on request.

​My childhood memories with Mickey Mouse were filled with eternal joy. His friendly expression always touched every child and adult as well. How do you like my idea that Mickey Mouse belongs to the World Heritage?
Ingo Maurer