Lucellino Touch

Lucellino Touch
Ingo Maurer 2012/2023
Introducing the Lucellino Touch: a new and improved version of the iconic light bulb with wings by Ingo Maurer. This modern iteration offers a fresh function that sets it apart. Unlike its predecessor, the Lucellino Touch no longer relies on a cord slide control. Instead, it responds to touch. With just a simple tap on the circuit board located at the base of the lamp, you can effortlessly turn on or off the Lucellino Touch, as well as adjust its brightness level. Experience this innovative update to the beloved Ingo Maurer icon - Lucellino - now available with an exciting touch function.
Light source
With light source Ambient 12 V AC, 5 W, LED, 380 lm, 2000-2700 K, 15000 h, CRI >90, EEC G (A-G), dim-to-warm. Dim-to-warm: Infinitely dimmable via touch plate. The Ambient lamp is manufactured exclusively for Ingo Maurer.
Technical data
100 - 240 V.
35 x 30 cm.
More info
With new touch function!