Jetzt 2

Jetzt 2
Axel Schmid 2009/2015
The table lamp Jetzt originally designed by Axel Schmid in 2009, now equipped with cutting-edge LED technology. Considerably brighter, excellent colour rendering, with switch on the lamp head. The light can also be dimmed, by pressing the switch for a longer interval. Anodized aluminium, plastic.
Light source
LED 6 watts, 470 lm, 3000 K, CRI 90. With built-in LED. The light source is not exchangeable by the user, but by an electrician.
Technical data
For 110–240 volts, secondary 5 volts. With plug-in transformer. Dimmable.
Height 40 cm, width 30 cm, cable length 200 cm.
More info
First produced in December 2015.
Black, blue or silver

The photo of Jetzt in Orange shows the original version of 2009. Jetzt is part of the collection of the Museum of Modern Art (the MoMA) in New York since 2009.

​Axel Schmid about the original design in 2009: "The table lamp Jetzt uses the world’s first high voltage LED, so there’s no need for a transformer. To be able to run these without housing, the LEDs are cast into transparent plastic. This light block is glued to an anodized aluminum structure, that also guarantees a sufficient cooling effect. The structure is lasered out of a rectangular sheet of aluminium, so there’s no waste in material. Three bending operations define the shape."

Due to the development of LED technology, the new version uses low-voltage LEDs.