I Ricchi Poveri Bzzzz

I Ricchi Poveri - Bzzzz
Ingo Maurer 2014/2022
A dragonfly settles on the light bulb. The Bzzzz lamp from the I Ricchi i Poveri series by Ingo Maurer is a poetic game with a twinkle in its eye. The Bzzzz convinces not only with its design, but also with its light quality: this table lamp is equipped with the latest light source, developed in spring 2022 exclusively by and for the company Ingo Maurer - the Ambient light source. Ambient is the modern alternative to the halogen lamp. The new illuminant by Ingo Maurer gives warm light, dim-to-warm. The dragonfly is made of anodised aluminium in red, green or blue. Steel, brass. This product with halogen bulb is discontinued.
Light source
Ambient 12 V AC, 5 W, LED, dim to warm. E27, 380 lm (360°), 2000-2700 K, CRI >90, EEC G (A-G).
Technical data
110 - 240 V, cord transformer with slider.
Cable length 300 cm.
More info
Complete with bulb.
Red, green, blue.

The libellulas in Red, Blue and Green - as prototypes of September 2014.

The above photos (Tom Vack and Team) show the prototypes of spring 2014.Bzzzz is not available in yellow.

Bzzzz is a member of the new tribe of lamps called I Ricchi Poveri, presented by Ingo Maurer in April 2014. It is a group of objects with an unpretentious and simple yet highly powerful expression that comes straight from the heart. ​Toto, the bulb with ears, is on display in our Munich and New York showrooms.