Golden Ribbon

Golden Ribbon
Goldenes Band, Ingo Maurer Team
In 1994, Ingo Maurer created the first Golden Ribbon, an extraordinary light object. Today, a special Golden Ribbon team at Ingo Maurer designs and shapes each object for the room it is intended for. Each Golden Ribbon has a unique shape: the Golden Ribbon is designed and made especially for the room it will decorate. Using a miniature model of the future object in the desired room, which is designed by the Ingo Maurer team, owners can visualise the Golden Ribbon together with the Ingo Maurer team. Subsequently, all Golden Ribbons are handmade in a lengthy process involving several highly qualified specialists from the Munich region. Design on request:
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Constructed from two lengths of metal, it is formed and gold-plated by hand. Within the body, there are light sources that emit light through openings. The light makes the surface glow, while various grades of brightness highlight the flowing shape of the ribbon.

The Golden Ribbon is only available through Ingo Maurer GmbH.