Luminale 2018

Installation per Luminale 2018
Francoforte, Marzo 2018
Installation at Schaumainkai. Luminale is the biannual event for light art and installations in public urban space which accompanies the trade fair light+building in Frankfurt am Main. For this event Ingo Maurer’s team created an outdoor installation based on the new lamp Blow Me Up by Theo Möller, Ingo Maurer & Team. 30 inflatable light tubes were braced through an avenue of trees along the river Main with a length of 30 meters. The RBGW LEDs were programmed with dynamic content based on customised hard- and software control. Visitors could walked beneath the installation lined by trees, and enjoy the dynamic colour effects, and the strong impression of perspective created by the installation. Due to the unexpected cold weather, light and colours were also reflected by the snow on the ground. The promenade was turned into a ‘tunnel of light’. For the booth at light+building trade fair, Ingo Maurer's team installed an even larger interactive installation with 144 Blow Me Ups which earned great feedback.