Axel Schmid 2018
Koyoo is a small, portable light object. Only held by a wire spring a bright circle hovers over a black, narrow foot. The light source is integrated in the foot. The LED illuminates the circle perfectly. Used on a table, the light source is below eye level and thus makes a very pleasant, relaxing light for beautiful moments.
Light source
LED max. 240 lm, 3000 K, CRI >90, 2,2 watts
Technical data
With 3000 mAh LiPo battery, USB Type C cable and charging device.
Height 34 cm
More info
With three paper circles in various colours.

The paper sheet can be replaced with other reflecting materials, such as decorative leafs or even colored foil. It’s a perfect little lamp for lots of pleasant moments, whether you unwind alone with an inspiring book or having a glass of wine on the balcony in summer.