I Ricchi Poveri - Fly

I Ricchi Poveri - Fly
Ingo Maurer 2014
Steel, hand-made model of a fly. Limited edition.
Light source
3 W, 120 lm, 2500 - 2900 K, CRI 95, 25.000 h, EEC A.
Technical data
100–240 V/ secondary 19 V. Continsously dimmable by touch sensor.
Height approx. 9,5 cm, width approx. ca 25 cm, cable length 250 cm.
More info
Available since December 2015. Limited edition of 100 pieces.

Fly is a limited edition of 100 pieces. The number is stamped in the metal base plate. It has a brass touch sensor for dimming and switching on and off. The bulb looks just like a incandescent bulb, but is equipped with refined light emitting diodes.