Birdie's Ring LED

Birdie's Ring LED
Ingo Maurer und Team 2013/2017
Birdie's Ring LED is height adjustable and can also be suspended at a slight angle. Metal, goose-feather wings, 12 LED-bulbs. Three LEDs with reflectors, integrated into the round body.
Light source
LED, 12 x 1,5 W, 1200 lm, 2700 K, 15000 h, CRI 85, EEC A++ and 3 x 4,3 W (Downlight), LED, 1500 lm, 2700 K, CRI 90, EEC A++, dimmable (dimmer not included)
Technical data
For 220-240 V, secondary output 12 volts AC. Built-in transformer in canopy. For 220 - 240 volts, secondary output 12 volts AC. For aeras with 100 - 130 volts, we have not yet found a fitting transformer as of January 2017. Birdie's Ring with LED bulbs are therefore not availalbe for North and South America as well as Japan.
Diametre approx. 120 cm, length of cable 200 cm.
More info
Recommended dimmer: Govena PROI-250-LT-LED for 230V ± 10% 50Hz. Birdie's Ring LED is not suited for rooms with high humidity. First produced in May 2018.